Publications  The Sahara geoglyphs 16.12.2018. Part 4-1. Scalar Type Symbols.

The Sahara geoglyphs

скалярное произведениеPart 4-1. Scalar Type Symbols.

We turn to the most numerous and diverse type of geoglyphs, which is based on a point, and two rays emanating from it. These symbols, in the general file, have the letter S in front of the sequence number and are denoted by the purple character in the form of one circle. There are at least 12 thousand such geoglyphs found. It can be said that this is the main type of Sahara geoglyphs.

The image above shows the scalar product of two vectors, a point and two rays emanating from it. In the Sahara there are geoglyphs, exactly repeating this shape. This example is not given by chance, because most S type geoglyphs look like mathematical curves.

The size of S-type geoglyphs varies greatly, from a few meters to several hundred meters. The perimeter of some images is over 1.5 km. As a rule, S symbols are arranged in groups along the slopes of small ridges, but there are also single object.

These geoglyphs are also, most likely, laid out of small boulders.

спутник S-type symbols can be divided into several subspecies, depending on the shape, which often resembles real-life objects. For example, there are geoglyphs similar to images of a sputnik or a sickle without a handle, boomerang, spindle, horseshoe, UFO, jellyfish, in general, everything that is based on a point and a pair of outgoing rays. In order to create at least some sort of classification of these symbols, we will designate different subspecies, according to the object to which they are most similar.

Let's start with the symbols that consist actually of a circle - a point, and two direct rays emanating from it. This form of geoglyphs is very similar to the form of the first satellite launched by the USSR in 1957, so, that's what we will call it.

Symbols of this type have direct rays, and therefore they allow to accurately determine their azimuths, and, accordingly, the angle between them.

The images below show some examples of geoglyphs of the “sputnik” subtype. The photo on the right shows how one of the rays looks like in reality.
Реальное изображение одного из прямых лучей. Фото koudia c
The real image of one of the direct rays. Photo koudia c

Геоглиф S 337
S 337 geoglyph

Геоглиф S 941
S 941 geoglyph

Геоглиф S 681
S 681 geoglyph
онежские геоглифыAt the moment, there are only a few dozen geoglyphs of the “sputnik” subtype. But on the other hand, among them there are objects in which the length of the rays is more than 200 meters.

If a circle from which the rays come out, gets the shape of a drop, then the symbol will become similar to the silhouette of a UFO, as it is usually drawn by artists. Similar symbols are found in reality. For example, they can be found among the northern petroglyphs, they are present in the table of the main types of UFOs, and in old paintings.

 There are quite a few characters that look like a UFO silhouette, there are at least a few hundred of them. Among the geoglyphs of this subtype, there are quite large objects, several hundred meters in size.
Shown below there are the most typical examples of symbols similar to UFO images that have the abbreviation SU (symbol UFO).

Геоглиф SU 192
SU 192 geoglyph
Геоглиф SU 205
SU 205  geoglyph

   группа геоглифов Сахары Геоглиф SU 1250
SU 1250  geoglyph
Геоглифы SU 394 и SU 395.  Длина лучей большого символа – более 100 м
SU 394 и SU 395  geoglyph. The length of the rays of the large one is over 100 m

 геоглифы сахары Геоглиф SU 1257. Размах лучей – более 120 м
SU 1257 geoglyph. The beam span is more than 120 m.
Геоглиф SU 71. Длина лучей – около 30 м.  Классическое изображение НЛО
SU 71 geoglyph. The length of the beams is about 30 m. A classic UFO image.
Геоглиф Сахары Геоглиф SU 119
SU 119  geoglyph

Геоглифы SU 1290, SU 1291, SU 1292
SU 1290,  SU 1291,  SU 1292 geoglyphs.
Геоглиф SU 2103
SU 2103 geoglyph.
геоглиф Сахары Геоглиф SU 20178
SU 20178 geoglyph.
Геоглиф SU 85
SU 85 geoglyph.
Геоглифы SU 89, SU 90
SU 89, SU 90 geoglyphs.
веретеноThe next subtype of Sahara geoglyphs consists of an enlarged oval point and two oppositely directed rays. Such geoglyphs resemble spindles with wound threads, therefore the symbols of this subspecies have the abbreviation SS (Symbol Spindle)

There are about a hundred symbols of this type, their sizes vary from several meters to several tens of meters. But there are objects larger than 100 meters.

Symbols similar to spindles are found in the central part of the largest zone with geoglyphs, south of the Tassili’n Ajjer Plateau.

Several geoglyphs of this subtype contain a symbol of another subtype, thereby proving the interconnectedness of the entire system. We will consider them a little later. The images below show some of the most interesting examples.

геоглиф сахары Геоглифы SS 1140-42
SS 1140-42 geoglyph.
геоглифы Сахары Геоглиф SS 1238. Длина более 120 м
SS 1238 geoglyph. The length is more than 120 m.

 геоглиф сахары Геоглиф SS 1329
SS 1329 geoglyph.

 геоглиф Сахары Геоглиф SS 1412
SS 1412 geoglyph.

Геоглиф SS 20181
SS 20181 geoglyph.

Геоглиф SS 20169
SS 20169 geoglyph.

Геоглифы SS 20145 и SS 20146. Длина самого большого объекта – более 150 м
SS 20145 and SS 20145 geoglyphs. The length of the largest object is more than 150 m.

Геоглиф SS 9442
SS 9442 geoglyph.

Уникальный геоглиф SS 1126 с соседним кругом
The unique SS 1126 geoglyph with the adjacent round.

It is clearly seen that the southeast beam continues further, climbing a hill. This is a characteristic feature of many symbols. Sometimes the line leads to another geoglyph.

jevelishNext, we will consider another, rather numerous, subtype of geoglyphs of the Sahara, which occurs both in the central part and in the western territories.

These symbols have vague shapes, and are somewhat like a jellyfish. In the center they have a designated point and two wriggling "tentacles" - beams departing from a streamlined body.

Several dozens of such symbols have been found in the central part of the Sahara, while in the western territories there are several hundred of them. The geoglyphs found in the western part have a series of several small circles between the "tentacles.

Below some typical examples are shown, with the outlines of some symbols circled for better perception.

Геоглиф SJ 1365 из центральной части
SJ 1365 geoglyph from the central part.

Геоглиф S 14410. Периметр 320 м,
S 14410 geoglyph. The perimeter is 320 m, the area is 2900 m2. We are going to return to this unique object some later.

Геоглиф SJ 1359 из центральной части
SJ 1359 geoglyph from the central part.

Геоглиф сахары
A group of geoglyphs in the western part of Africa. The outlines are circled.
Реальное изображение
A true-life image.
By clicking on the links you can see photos of some geoglyphs scalar type.

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