This publication is a result a small long-term studies, which were carried out as part of our project. Finally, we managed to understand why in the location of the most famous and in the same time the most mysterious constructions on the planet there are so many laws.

Before that, we mainly dealt with separately, clearly not random combinations, which showed the location of historical objects, not quite understanding the general principle of their interaction. But, quite recently, thanks to the correct geometrical figures, we managed to build all of the major points of SAMC, from Great Pyramid (GP), while not resorting to the measurement system. I.e. no matter in what the distance is measured and how a circle divides.

The fact is that the bisection or on 3- 5 parts will always be a certain number of division parts in any system of measurement. Accordingly, the relations, which occur between these parts will also be universal. The simplest example of such a relations is mathematical relations between regular geometric figures, their dots and parties. For example, pentagram, - is a pure gold section.

With the help of correct figures, they divide a circumference and therefore a globe on a certain number of parts. To divide the circle we must have, at least, two points, the center of a circle and a point on its line. Since globe  is obtained by rotating of the circle for dividing globe must have an axis of rotation and a point on the surface of the globe, a prime meridian.

Having taken Great Pyramid as the initial starting point, and its meridian for zero, let us start our construction. 

So, we have three starting points - north and south poles and Great Pyramid and also three lines - the equator, the meridian of GP which has value of 0, and latitude of GP, with a value of - 30 °. Having divided the distance between GP and the north pole in half, we will get the 60th latitude and  a point on meridian of GP. In 40 km to the west from this point is a city of St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg), the center of which there is a giant granite monolith, in weight over 600 tons - Alexander Column.

         5-            HEXAGRAM

Equator, 30th and 60th latitude divided meridian of GP into 12 equal parts of 30 °, i.e. according to hexagram inscribed in a circle. The ratios of a circle and  hexagram are such that in orthogonal projection a circle inscribed in a large hexagram, will be the 30th latitude, and the circle inscribed in a small hexagram – 60th. See.  «GEODESY OF HEXAGRAM».

Next, we will construct perpendicular to meridian of GP and thus we divide equator into 4 equal parts of 90 degrees. Having divided found sectors yet in half, we will get meridians multiple to 45 °. Thus, we have divided circumference of equator on 8 equal portions, i.e. according to 8-gon - octagon.
         5-            HEXAGRAM This is the basic framework of a system of ancient monumental constructions (SAMC), which with the help of the angles of regular geometric figures with very high precision are tied the most grandiose constructions on Earth.

In this system GP has coordinates 30 ° N, 0 °. The coordinates of all other points - intersections of latitude with meridians, are also known. Thus, are known values ??of all azimuths between these points, which can be calculated in the calculator.

To these values ??we shall return, but while simply join the points along the diagonals of convex rectangles through 90 °. Now frame consists of 42 points, by 8 on each latitude (-60 °, -30 °, 0 °, 30 °, 60 °), plus two poles. Let us call these points of reference points (RP) and connect with diagonal lines.

         5-            HEXAGRAM

, (), ; GP (0), Easter Island (20), candelabrum of Paracas (2), Cahokia (21), the Temple of Solomon (11), the Pyramid of Qin Shi Huang  (2), Nan Madol  (38), Uluru (15), Angkor (23). In degrees, 22 km correspond to 0.2°.

It means that the directions from reference points on listed objects within specified accuracy will correspond to azimuth of diagonals of convex rectangles on globe, which are calculated with formulas of spherical geometry.

         5-            HEXAGRAM Rectangles adjacent to the point 0 can be schematically represented on a plane as shown in the right image. Point 1 corresponds to Great Pyramid and has the coordinates 30°, 0°.

The table below shows the real azimuths between numbered dots on globe, which as it turned out correspond to real directions between key historical objects. Therefore, the lines connecting the most important point of SAMC, if so to speak, as were, "are parallel on globe." Really, they will be parallel on plane, if the direction to object lay from latitude of initial object.

With such a breakdown of the main frame, according to geometry of globe azimuths between RP have some very interesting properties, one of which can be seen in the table. The fact is that azimuth of lines 6-2, will be equal to azimuth of lines 8-2, as well as azimuth 8-4 = 6-4. Azimuth of line 6-2 is 63.41 °, and corresponds exactly to the direction of Nazca to GP, i.e.  famous line Easter Island (EI) - Nazca - GP. In Nazca desert to this azimuth corresponds side of a giant trapezoid (S01-00) in the central part of the plateau. See. «NAZC LINES- FLIGHT MAP. PART 8 ».

In addition, the same azimuth close to 63.41°, have lines of GP - Pyramid of Qin Shi Huang (63.53°) and GP - Nan Madol (63.00 °). But, this comes from the fact that all three objects lie substantially on the same line - 6-2. 

         5-            HEXAGRAM

 All data in the table you can check yourself using the calculator and searching azimuths.

 Thus, having defined axis of rotation, i.e. direction north - south, and having noted on 30th latitude point, we got 40 control points and lines, on which lie key objects of system. Now, to find the exact location of main historical objects, you have to get them in another way. For example, to construct other lines on which will lie the same objects. Then intersection of lines will be exact location of object on globe. We will engage with it a little later, and while we will get line from the initial frame, on which is Stonehenge and latitude of Tiwanaku.
         5-            HEXAGRAM To make it is easy enough. It is necessary to draw a diagonal between the points 4 and 1. On this line will lie Stonehenge.

Now, if we finish all diagonals, we obtain the points of their intersection, coordinates of which are also easily calculated by the formulas.

         5-            HEXAGRAM

First intersection, from equator in this network will be latitude of Tiwanaku with an accuracy of 10 km, the second - latitude 30 °, and the third 40th latitude. If 40th latitude in this case, is  found, according to the laws of spherical geometry, than latitude of Tiwanaku passes through the intersection of lines, just because  Tiwanaku complex  is built in the right place.

On the lines of this symmetrical network lies not only Stonehenge, but, many other famous constructions. In particular Gobekli Tepe, Yangshan megaliths, Arkaim, the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, Mycenae and others. See. Interactive map at the end of the page. Azimuths of lines in this system correspond also to some directions between the main points of the SAMC.

It can be said that almost all major objects in the system of ancient structures lie on lines built from the ground control points, which are obtained from Great Pyramid by dividing equator into 8 pieces.

Such division of equator, other than those listed, has still a number of very interesting properties, which directly link main frame of GP with regular geometric figures - hexagram, pentagram, and others. But, let's talk about this in the next section.

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Author:  GeoLines.ru