In this section we will consider the direction to key points in the system of ancient monumental buildings (SAMC), corresponding to the angles of octagon, which you can get also on the globe.

To the angles of octagon, with initial accuracy of 0.19 °, correspond lines on globe, outgoing from the point of intersection of equator with 35th meridian from Great Pyramid (GP) to the intersections of 30th latitude with zero and 70th meridian. On these lines lie GP, Tiwanaku and the  mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang in Xi'an , - the largest pyramid in China, which is guarded with the famous Terracotta Army.


If GP, as a starting point is in its place, then Tiwanaku and the Pyramid of emperor lie on lines, but due to the unique location of these objects. In the 2nd part, we got the same objects with help of hexagram.

we told about azimuths in the point of GP, which correspond to the angles of 8-gon. So azimuth to Baalbek is 45.55 °, i.e. with an accuracy of 0.55 ° corresponds to octagon oriented to the cardinal. This means that the direction to Baalbek will be perpendicular to the direction to GP from coordinates 0 °, 35 °. The error is 0.38 °.

Let us look at the opposite side of planet. Here we see the same combination, with real point of Tiwanaku and two the most important objects - Easter Island and Machu Picchu, the direction, to which, also correspond to angles of octagon. And the direction to Easter Island is an exact diagonal of convex rectangle on the surface of globe.


As you can see in the image directions to Tiwanaku and Easter Island intersect on the meridian of Lhasa i.e. on 60th meridian from GP, which sets division of equator according to hexagram.

         8-           From the main frame (see 1 part), using 8-gon you can build directions to some other objects of SAMC. For example, Stonehenge and Por Bazhyn.

Direction to Stonehenge, with an accuracy of 0.17 °, is obtained from intersection point of 30th latitude with 45th meridian.

         8-           Directions to Por Bazhyn and Rollrayt  stones which are perpendicular with  help of octagon you can get from a point
As in previous cases, these combinations can be depicted onto the plane by deploying of equator as a straight line. 

As in previous cases, these combinations can be depicted onto the plane by deploying of equator as a straight line. 


It should be said about another remarkable detail. As seen in above image, the direction to Tiwanaku GP and Chinese pyramid are built by angles of octagon from 35th and -145 meridians. In the third part from the same meridians with help of pentagram we got directions to Teotihuacan and Lhasa.

Thus, knowing the general principle it is possible with help of regular geometric angles find on globe location of key points, built from support frame. It can be done on any globe, even on basketball ball. For this, you should puncture it with needle and get the axis of rotation. Then by dividing on parts you mark main frame and from it with help of correct figures put directions to objects. The intersection points of these lines will be place of location of ancient constructions.

For example, the image below shows how on globe find a point of Uluru. 


In the image below, with example of Tiwanaku, is shown, how from supporting points of the main frame by means of regular geometric figures you can build on globe this object, i.e. to find its location. 


Besides, as we remember, this point is closely linked with Teotihuacan, Stonehenge, Easter Island and other key objects of SAMC. Tiwanaku and Teotihuacan are equidistant from Baalbek in the golden ratio and line Baalbek - Uluru is perpendicular to line connecting these objects. See. Article «LOCATION OF ANCIENT CONSTRUCTIONS IN THE GOLDEN SECTION». Latitude of Tiwanaku is obtained from intersection of 5-degree network, which sets pentagram.

Nan Madol, Angkor, Chinese pyramids and many other monumental buildings are located on the same principle and set planet a universal system of coordinates, in which Great Pyramid is starting point.

Laws in location of historical objects are so obvious that to talk about fortuity simply it is not necessary. The whole Earth is marked with pyramids, temples, megaliths and other objects of ancient building, which were built by overall project in strictly defined places.

For example, it becomes clear why Easter Island - Nazca - Great Pyramid lie on one line. Because they initially are located in points, built according to the laws of spherical geometry and at such location they simply have to lie on one line.

It is difficult to talk about purpose of the system, but some assumptions we can make. The first thing, which the most likely, is navigation. The second thing is monitoring of lithospheric plates movement. We treat  to it lightly, because we do not understand fully the essence of process and do not know what is inside the Earth in reality.

In fact, it is a very important question. For example, in the movement of continents relatively to each other can occur critical moments, which can be accompanied with catastrophic events. Monitoring just allows you to prepare for such events. If you understand of course what processes take place inside of our planet.

Now continents are moving with different speed about a few centimeters per year. But, recent geological studies suggest that in past times lithospheric plates could move much faster. See. REN TV film – «THE BIG BREAK». Therefore, the error in the most cases does not exceed more than 0.1 degree, i.e. - 10-15 km, taking into account the age of the constructions, it can be due to movement of continents.

Owing to unique location of key objects, according to the angles of regular polygons, on lines, built from equator, in the directions between them also arise the right attitude. Intuitively, these laws you can see in the section «AZIMUTHS OF HISTORICAL OBJECTS». This section shows that angles between azimuths to key points of system also correspond to angles of regular geometric figures. For easy navigation of the list, use  «TABLE OF NAVIGATION».

Thus, there is a general principle of the system, which is present in lines on Nazca, Thus, there is a general principle of the system, which is present in lines on Nazca plateau, angles between which also correspond to angles of regular polygons. This fact and many others, suggest that the geoglyphs in the desert are nothing more than a flat map, on which by means of azimuth lines and right angles are plotted all ancient buildings - points of global system.

It can be assumed, that in Nazca are plotted the whole areas of ? earth, which are tied to specific key points of the system. Since all this is plotted on plane, only by means of azimuths and possibly distances they had to draw in the desert a lot of points, lines and figures corresponding to particular object. But, because the objects were originally located on a planet by a particular system, strictly in certain places, there is no confusion and the system gives the information you need.

Based on the facts stated above, the question of existence of advanced civilizations becomes obviously not relevant. They were, are and will be. Another question is more important, what place we people occupy in this hierarchy?

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