Uluru is located almost in the center of Australia, and is considered one of the most amazing sights on our planet. Mountain is covered with numerous legends and secrets, not only ancient but also modern.

Uluru is a homogeneous monolith on 350 meters protruding from the ground. Its length is more than- 3.5 km, width is - 3 km. Sacred rock is composed of red sandstone, which has a unique structure and special properties owing to which that rock, depending on the light changes color. Amazing game of color does not stop all day. At dawn silhouette of the mountain obtains dark purple hue. In the afternoon, illuminated with bright sun, Uluru becomes purplish-red or flash with pink and it becomes golden in noon.

Улуру строение монолит песчанник геологияAmong geologists debates about the origin of this rock formation do not end till now. By all measures, it should not be here. Rock of Uluru is only a small, visible part of the "iceberg", the bulk of the monolith is under the ground in the midst of loose sediment.
There are suggestions that the rock massif of Uluru underground is connected with another mysterious formation located nearby - Kata Tjuta rocks or as they still are called Olga in honor the daughter of Russian Emperor Nicholas the First.

According to the official version Uluru appeared about 700 hundred million years ago from sediments at the bottom of almost dry lake Amadius.
It is assumed that in the middle of the lake formerly stood a huge island, which gradually destroyed, and its parts compressed at the bottom of giant reservoir.
Thus, for a long period of time formed a rock Uluru in the heart of Australian continent.

Улуру песчанник строениеUluru is sandstone.
This opinion today is increasingly questioned by many authoritative experts who claim that the rock could not be formed with this way its composition differs from the surrounding rocks.
Having examined the composition of sandstone from which consists the monolith under the microscope, geologists determined that the specific minerals in the sand grains look rough, uneven and vary in size. These features indicate on their rapid movement and deposition of sand just before it had time to wear out and become smooth.

скала волна Улуру Uluru rock -wave is suspension flow or as it is called - turbid stream moves with the speed up to 113 km / h and consists of sediments similar to gruel.
Just such flow had to carry all this sand, 5500-6100 m in thick, on the distance equal to approximately 120 km, and put it in the form of sandstone layers of Uluru mountain during a few hours!

And really if you look at some monolithic formations of Uluru mountain it is very difficult to escape the feeling that it's just frozen stone waves when it was liquid rock.

These data refute the evolutionary origins of Uluru and vice versa are in good agreement with the traditions of Australian aborigines, who say that Uluru appeared just for a few days.

Наскальные рисунки аборигенов в пещерах УлуруAboriginal rock paintings of people in the caves of Uluru have lived here for more than 10 000 years, and the rock of Uluru is the central object of their worship.
At the bottom there are many caves with ancient rock paintings. Mountain is fanned with plenty of myths and legends, according to one of which Uluru was created by ancient giants, according to another one rock emerged in the place where the battle took place between several tribes.

As a result of the battle, two tribes - people-snake (again reptiles) and the people - the hare kangaroos were completely annihilate. Uluru in the morning rose from the ground and absorbed the souls of the dead soldiers. Since then it is believed, who will take the particle of Uluru will have trouble.

Thus, currently to determine reliably how and whereby Uluru mountain appeared is impossible.

Скальные образования на Улуру необычного происхоженияRock formations on Uluru are unusual origin. Uluru being the main shrine for all aboriginal people does have some force not amenable to scientific understanding.
According to local legends, Uluru is a door between the world of humans and the spirit world. Aborigines believe that this huge, red rock appeared here before "Eternal Period of Dreams" the basic concepts of the local population cult, which means something like a parallel non-material world of spirits and mythical ancestors, always existed and laid the foundations of human behavior.

According to indigenous Australians everything in this world is filled with spiritual power and are associated with a single person in familial mythological element. A rock Uluru, in this system of the universe has a key role, serving as a bridge between two worlds. Near the rock natives performed their rites, and today their attitude towards Uluru has not changed. Not one native dares to climb on its top, as this is considered by terrible sacrilege, capable to incur the wrath of spirits on human or ancestors, from the same "Eternal Period of Dreams."

According to another legend, Uluru is a landmark on one of the "dream paths" laid Aboriginal ancestors, when the Earth was forming. From this point of view we look at Uluru, as to great landmark to destroy which is impossible. If for "trail of dreams" take the lines connecting the key points of the system, everything converges.

Улуру ориентация на БаальбекOrient hexagram to the cardinal points.
In this position, we will see that azimuth of Baalbek, with an error 0.07, coincides with the axis of hexagram, and differs from the north-south axis on 60 degrees.

Besides, the distance between Baalbek and Uluru is 11960 km or 107.6 degrees. This means that together with Uluru, Baalbek divides the large circle in the ratio of the pentagram. Error is -0.4 *.

Together with Baalbek on the distance 11951 km or 107.4 * from Uluru is removed Solomon temple. And in the point of Baalbek directions to Solomon temple and Uluru are perpendicular. See article "BAALBEK HEXAGRAM."

Line Uluru - Baalbek has many amazing properties, many of which are described in the article "LOCATION OF ANCIENT STRUCTURES IN THE GOLDEN SECTION.”

 УЛУРУ. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruNow turn hexagram on7.5 * clockwise.
In this position we get with the error 0.05 azimuth of Great Zimbabwe (GZ), with which Uluru divides the circumference of globe evenly into 4 parts.

Lhasa and Angkor, with the error 0.15 *, together with Uluru lie on the same line, which differs from azimuth of GZ on 75 *.

In case of Angkor angle is - 75.12 *, the error is + 0.12 *. In case of the Lhasa angle is 75.27 *, the error is + 0.27 *.

Besides, in this combination azimuth of Easter island participates which differs from azimuth of GZ on 60/120 *. The angle between GZ and Easter island is - 119.65 *, the error is -0.35 *.

Between azimuths of Angkor and Easter island are 14.77 *, the error is -0.23 *.
Azimuths between Lhasa and Easter island are 14.92 *, the error is -0.08 *.

 УЛУРУ. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruThen will turn hexagram counter-clockwise. Rotation on 3.5* gives us another unique combination of 5 azimuths, which are located around Uluru according to angles of hexagon.

In this position we get with the error 0.06 azimuth of Teotihuacan, which is connected with Uluru by many laws. See article "TRIANGULATION OF ANCIENT.

The figure clearly shows that St. Petersburg and megaliths on Vera island together with Uluru lie on the same line. The discrepancy is 0.19 *, or about 20 km.

This line is on 60/120 * differs from the direction to Teotihuacan. In case of St. Petersburg angle is - 60.04 *, and in case of Faith island angle is 60.23 *.

So we see that Solomon temple, Sigiriya and Uluru also lie on the same line. In this case, the difference is only 0.03 degree.


Besides, Teotihuacan together with Tiwanaku is accurately equidistant from Uluru, and the line of Teotihuacan - Uluru is one of the most important in the western triangles.

 УЛУРУ. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruHaving turned hexagram on 5.5 * counterclockwise, we find that the angle between azimuths of Great Pyramid (GP) and Nazca is 30/150 *, with the error of 0.19 *.

In the article "GEODESY OF MERIDIANS" we told about the fact that Uluru is separated from the meridian of GP on 80/100 *.

As you know, Nazca plateau together with GP and Easter island lies on the same line. And Nazca divides half of the circumference between the GP and its antipode in the golden ratio. See article "LOCATION OF ANCIENT STRUCTURES IN THE GOLDEN SECTION."

Here we see that GP, Uluru and Nazca gathered again in the same combination.

Distance from Uluru to GP is 12259 km or 110.2 * along the arc of globe.

 УЛУРУ. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruTurn hexagram on 11 * counterclockwise.
In this position, we get, with the error of 0.07 azimuth of Mecca, from which on 29.55 * is remoted azimuth of Stonehenge. The error is -0.45 *.
 УЛУРУ. ГЕКСАГРАММА. СИСТЕМА ПИРАМИД АЗИМУТ меридиан широта ориентация © GeoLines.ruHaving turned hexagram approximately on 20 *, we see that the angle between Lalibela and Samaipata is close to 60/120 *.

The exact angle is 119.92 *, the error is -0.08 *.

Samaipata as well as Teotihuacan and Tiwanaku is removed on the same distance from Uluru. See Table of azimuths.


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