In this article we will consider some ancient structures on the islands in Pacific Ocean and other similar places.

Easter island orientation AHU tongarikiAhu Tongariki

Let us start with Easter Island on which are located Moai - stone statues of compressed volcanic ash created by someone unknown. All moai are monolithic i.e. are carved from a single piece but are not glued or cramped. Weight occasionally reaches more than 20 tons, height - 6 m. It was found unfinished sculpture with stature about 20 meters and weight in 270 tons. In all on Easter Island there are about a thousand moai. 

All moai, contrary to popular belief, "look" to inside the island but not in the ocean direction. Many statues are not completed. The overall picture gives the impression of a sudden cessation of work, either at the behest of their creators, or because of a cataclysm. In favor of the version 2 indicates a local legend that says that there was a big flood, "the lightning hit from the sky and inside of   ground "big water" came and there was nothing can be seen around."

The biggest platform with statues of Ahu Tongariki is oriented along the azimuth of 30 degrees, which corresponds to the angle of  hexagram.

Easter island orientation AHU NAU NAU pentagramAhu Nau Nau

Other platform - Ahu Nau Nau is oriented along the azimuth close to 72° and corresponds to pentagram.

Ahu Tahai

Moai on Ahu Таhai platform are oriented along the azimuth close to 10° and fortified with stone cliff of coast is oriented along the azimuth of pentagram - 72 degrees. On the opposite shore of a small bay, there are structures, orientated along the azimuth  of 36°.

Easter island platform, AHU Tahai orientation Easter island platform, AHU Tahai orientation

Mauritius Island pyramids

It turns out that there are pyramids even on the island of Mauritius, which is located in Indian Ocean, almost on thousand kilometers to the east of Madagascar. The most interesting in these pyramids is not even the fact that they are located on a small island of volcanic origin, which lost in the vast expanses of the ocean, but the fact that they are almost exact copy of Guimar Pyramids located on the other side of Africa on the island of Tenerife. Pyramids are very similar, both appearance and a method of building and this gives us all reasons to assume that the facilities on both islands is the result of activities the same builders.

Pyramids are located as compact group in the middle of deserted fields, at 10-minutes drive from the airport. Three pyramids lie on a line oriented along the azimuth of 30 degrees and the fourth one is next, forming a perpendicular with forming a perpendicular with last pyramid.

Fifth pyramid is a little away from the group of 4 pyramids, about 700 meters to the west. Having aligned the center of nonagon, oriented to the cardinal points, with the 5th pyramid, we will find that one of the pyramids in the group notes the exact direction to the East, and the middle pyramid of 3 lies along the azimuth of 100 degrees.

Two last pyramids in group of 3 pyramids differs from azimuth 100° on 5 degrees. Thus, four pyramids beginning from the direction to the east give 5-degree division of sector of 15 degrees. Therefore, last, the most southern pyramid will have azimuth of 105 degrees and correspond to hexagram with turn on 15 degrees.

The pyramids of MAURITIUS hexagram The pyramids of MAURITIUS orientation

But the most interesting is that pyramids of Guimar, on which are so similar pyramids of Mauritius island are also oriented according to regular geometric shape.

Pyramids of GUIMAR octagonThe Pyramids of Guimar

In the town of Guimar on the south-east coast of Tenerife island, which is part of Canary Islands are located six stepped pyramids. According to scientists these structures were heaped by local farmers who during plowing have habit to put found stones on the borders of fields. It was common practice on Canary Islands, particularly in the second half of XIX century.

According to local residents and according to the old images such pyramids were in many places of island, but were demolished because of their prospective uselessness and were used as a source of cheap building material. Directly in Guimar were nine pyramids of which only six preserved.

In 1991, known for his controversial theories explorer Thor Heyerdahl studied the pyramids and announced that they cannot be simply mountains of rubble. For example, were found distinct traces of processing stones on the corners of pyramids and also ground before the construction of pyramids was leveled. Materials are not round boulders from local fields but chunks of lava. Heyerdahl also made a report with opinion about astronomical orientation of the pyramids.

In the summer solstice from a platform on the top of largest pyramid it can be observed double sunset: the sun disappears behind mountain peak, then reappears, sets behind the neighboring peak the second time.  All the pyramids on the west side have stairs, which in the morning at the winter solstice lead accurately to the rising sun.

The main complex is oriented according to octagon. In the southern part the oblique lines of buildings note the azimuth of 45 degrees, a center line lies along the azimuth of 112.5° and 4 rectangular structure in the south, note azimuth of 22.5°. Terraces, located to the south are oriented along the azimuth close to 100 degrees.

Pyramids of GUIMAR hexagram orientation Pyramids of GUIMAR nonagon orientation

To the south of the main complex are located two more pyramidal structures, the angle between them is 20°. You can verify this by turning of nonagon on 4 degrees clockwise. South-eastern edge of large elongated pyramid is oriented along the azimuth of 30° and corresponds to the angle of hexagram.

Pyramids of GUIMAR nonagon orientation Pyramids of GUIMAR hexagram orientation

MENDUT orientation hexagramMendut

Indonesia as a whole is inhabited since ancient times. Java among other islands before other ones had a higher level of development. Mataram is medieval state, which existed on the territory of modern Indonesia in 732-1043 in the central and eastern parts of Java island. Mid and 2nd half of VIII century was the heyday of temple construction. Early penetration of Hinduism and Buddhism, relations with India had on the culture of Java big impact. Here there are still a lot of Hindu temples.

One of the buildings of temple complex Mednut is oriented according to hexagram along the azimuth of 30 degrees. Diagonal of the temple  corresponds to the azimuth of nonagon - 67.5*.

MARAE TAHITI orientation nonagonMarae Tahiti

Marae played an important role in the life of ancient inhabitants of Tahiti island. It was a sacred area of ??rectangular shape, in one corner of which on a raised rectangular platform called ahu was a statue of a deity. This statue, as a rule, had been made of timber ironwood, which then was wrapped in a cloth called tapa.

Location of statue, as well as key idolaters were marked with upright a stone slab. This type of marae in the past was circulated on many of islands in East Polynesia, including the islands of Tuamotu and some Hawaiian Islands. Besides large marae on the island of Tahiti were circulated and small marae, they have not always been fenced with masonry, also could be missing ahu.

In the windward group of society islands (first of all Tahiti and Moorea) ahu, as a rule, had stepped shape (total number of steps did not exceed of five steps, exception is  Mahaiatea marae built on island of Tahiti in 1769 and which had ten steps) and was revetted with hewn stone, like surrounding walls. Marae of the leeward islands, as a rule, were not fenced with hewn stones and ahu was a simple platform, surrounded with usual limestone boulders.

It turned out that wild Papuans also built their stone platforms along the azimuth of correct geometrical figures. One of these facilities, located on the island of Moorea, called AHU O MAHINE, is oriented along the azimuth of  20° and corresponds to nonagon.

Marae Anini TAHITI orientation nonagonMarae Annini

It turned out that wild Papuans also built their stone platforms along the azimuth of correct geometrical figures. One of these facilities, located on the island of Moorea, called AHU O MAHINE, is oriented along the azimuth of  20° and corresponds to nonagon.

MARAE MANONO TAHITI orientation hexagramMarae Manunu

Another marae - Anini, located on the coast of Huahine island is oriented along the azimuth close to 10°.

Marae MAEVA Huahine

In one kilometer to the west from marae Monoun there is another rather large group of similar structures also oriented according to correct figures. Part of them are also oriented along the azimuth of 75/165° and one platform along the azimuth 10°.

MARIA MAEVA of TAHITI HUAHINI orientation hexagram MARIA MAEVA of TAHITI HUAHINI orientation nonagon

MARAE RAIATEA orientation nonagonMarae Raiatea

The same group of Islands Community includes another small island called Raiatea, which lies in 200 km to north-west of Tahiti island. On the island of Raiatea there are the same remnants of cyclopean structures as on the island of Huahine. Marae Taputapuatea (Taputapuatea) on Riatea island has a length of 43 meters and a width of 7 meters. The height of some megaliths reaches a height of 3.5 meters. Megaliths of marae Tainuu (Tainuu) are not less and reach a height of 4 meters and tens tons of weight. All of them are heavily corroded by shell rock, what says about long-term finding of these megaliths underwater.

On Riatea island you can find and smaller marae of various shapes and configurations - stepped, rectangular, lined with area. All of them belong to post-flood civilization, which consisted of our ancestors who imitated with their small laying to megalithic buildings of Lemurian. You can also to trace and mixing of structures when Lemurian megaliths faced with small stones, what is undoubtedly the work of our ancestors of "dwarf" civilization.

MARAE RAIATEA orientation octagonMarae called Taputapuatea is a small navigation complex, which denotes the azimuths of correct figures. The complex consists of two large platforms and several small buildings, which are poorly preserved.

The north side of platform, which is farther from the shore is oriented along the azimuth of 100 degrees and corresponds to nonagon. See. The image above.

The western part of the coastal platform is oriented along the azimuth of 45°, and these sides are diagonals of a square oriented to the cardinal points. 

The eastern part of this platform is designed and oriented according to pentagram. At the same time, it is connected with the second platform, the north side of which also corresponds to pentagram.

Marae taputapuatea the orientation of the pentagram Marae taputapuatea the orientation of the pentagram

So, let us sum up to the foregoing. Obviously, that the most ancient buildings, regardless of continent, culture, time of creation and other factors were planned, or designed according  to regular geometric shapes by means of which in them  likely are coded certain information.

Most of all it reminds modern "bar code", in which the same way information is encrypted with the help of geometry. Bar code or a matrix code is a black and white image in which information is recorded in 2 dimensions as in the matrix. This property can significantly increase the amount of encrypted information and even if part of the image is damaged it can be completely decrypted.

Exactly the same property, as we see, have semi-destroyed ancient temples, which allow to read information even in this state. When we direct the phone to a bar code, we do not think at what angle we do this, we try only to impose it approximately perpendicular. In the same way, perhaps work architectural complexes, giving information, regardless of viewing angle.

Thus, the most of ancient monumental structures most likely represent a kind of informational hieroglyph in which with help of the right angles, geometric shapes, scale and orientation are coded required information. But, this encoding is possible only when the highest building technology are used by which apparently ancient builders possessed fully. See. Article  "Как размягчали камень".

Such approach maybe will be the key to deciphering mysteries of crop circles, most of which, by themselves, represent various regular geometric shapes. But even those which have little resemblance with circles one way or another carry the correct geometric proportions.

The picture below shows one of the drawings on which is imposed hexagram, scaled along width of vertical element. This position, clearly shows that the straight sides of sharp protrusions (which are counter-clockwise), correspond to the angles of hexagon 30 and 300 degrees. In the same scale, hexagram correctly describes curlicues.

This the same drawing has explicit attitude towards octagon and pentagram.

Another figure in the field, consisting mainly of various rectangles, also contains a proportion of hexagram and pentagram. This figure even phone perceive as code, detecting regularities in it.

All of these lines, squares, dots, stripes and circles and angles and diagonals of rectangle are interconnected in a certain scale and the specific figure. Imagine how much information can be encoded in a single figure with this multi-level method.

You can manually check all the mentioned data and also carry out your own research. How to superimpose image in Google Earth is described in описано в одноименной статье, in which there are references to the images of regular geometric shapes.

You can also DOWNLOAD the file in the format .kmz and to open it in the program Google Earth


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