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Статуя Гоматешвара Statue Gomateshvara – navigational reference point. 

The city of Shravanabelagola is located at the foot of two hills, Chandragiri (Ciccabetta) and Vindhyagiri which are sacred to the Jains. One of the most sacred places for the followers of Jainism is the temple of Shravanabelagola, located on the hill Vindyagiri, height of about 120 meters.
On these hills performed austerities and meditated Bhadravati Jain Saint and his disciple Emperor Chandragupta Maurya. In the III century BC Emperor Ashoka built a temple in the memory of Chandragupta on Chandragiri hill. On this hill there are also many memorials dedicated to various monks and saints who meditated here in the period starting from at least the III century.

комплекс ШраванабелаголаThe unique complex of Shravanabelagola is characterized by incredible stone carving, like many Indian temples. These structures are not one hundred years, and maybe not one thousand, and judging by the incredible technology of stone processing, created their obviously not ancient Indians.
Temples abound in the complex for the execution of columns of jagged circles. It seems that they were created on giant lathes or cast in shape.

statue of the Jain Saint has Bahubali - GomateshwaraBut the main attraction of this place is a huge stone statue of the Jain Saint has Bahubali - Gomateshwara, erected in the period from 978 to 993 a year Chamundaraya. This statue is carved from a monolithic block of white granite, which is not, not only nearby, but also in the surrounding area. The height of the statue is more than 17 meters high and 12 meters wide, and it is the tallest monolithic stone sculpture in the world.

The weight of the finished statue is more than 1000 tons, i.e. it weighs more than any of the trillions in Baalbek that shock humanity. But at least there is box here incredible quality stone carving is a work of fiction.

You can imagine the weight of the untreated monolith, which should be at least twice as large. The question arises: how these enormous millions of kilograms were delivered to the top of the hill. Historians cannot answer it, and suggest that the stone was already on the hill. Of course, it would be easier if the stone was in the right place at once, and sculptors could only cut the statue without transporting it.

Is it possible that this monolithic stone appeared on the top of the hill in a natural way before the statue was carved out of it? Definitely not. Experts confirm that the statue of Gomateshwara made of white granite, a material which is completely different from other stones on the hill. In fact, as already mentioned, there is no white granite on the hill or even in the surrounding area.
Looking at the sculpture, you can see the sharp color contrast between the statue and the other stones from which the temple is built. Thus, the only possibility is that this statue or monolithic blank for it was, at least, moved from the ground level to the top of the hill.
Suppose the incredible that moved the finished statue, (without damaging it), because untreated stone weighs almost twice as much, than the finished product. But it is still 1000 tons. Some "historians" claim that elephants were used to move this statue to the top. But this version is obviously untenable. The maximum weight an elephant can lift is 300 kg. total of more than 3,000 elephants will be required to move the statue. But how to place 3000 elephants in a row and tie them to an object of complex shape 17x12 meters? Moreover, the rope must be at least 30 cm in diameter to withstand a load of about 500 tons.
Even today, mechanisms capable of lifting 1000 tons can be counted on one hand. Basically, these are unique machines designed to perform special tasks, for example, for the installation of giant wind turbines. But they cannot lift 1000 tons to a height of 120 meters. To lift a 1000-ton load to the top of the hill today, it would be necessary to build an inclined ramp first, and then to carry the load with winches. Thus, even with the current level of technology, the movement of such weight in this particular point is not a trivial task. But how did the statue get to the top?
Статуя Гоматешвара The statue of the famous Gomateshwara another very interesting feature: it has no human errors. Ie, no chips, irregularities and cracks. If you draw a line in the middle, it is absolutely symmetrical divide the figure of the deity across the height of 17 meters, into two identical halves. Today, this symmetry is achieved only by means of machine processing, and on much smaller objects.
Of course, India is a country of sculptures, and we can find millions of amazing statues, more than in any other country in the world. But this statue is different. Because of the huge size it should show everything, even the smallest details and features of the human body.
For example, you can see the groove between the nose and lips. All people have this groove, but most of the sculptures do not show this feature. Even the statue of liberty doesn't have that trait. But she has a 1,000-year-old statue of Gomateswara. Such details are not visible to the naked eye; they are visible only if you zoom in with a camera or binoculars.

You can also see something very unusual-on the face of the statue carved several deliberate cuts and scratches. And it is not the result of erosion or damage, it is specially made parts. Why were these scars made?
The fact that this statue of Gomateshwara is an image Bahubali - Prince who fought with his brother. Ancient texts mention that both brothers were severely beaten in battle just before Bahubali began his meditation in this worthwhile pose. For whom did the ancient sculptors recreate even the smallest details, which for century’s ordinary people could not see with the naked eye?
статуя Гоматешвара  деталиThe man in the corners of the eyes is small protruding bumps, which because of the scale is usually not on other sculptures. But these tiny details were skillfully carved near the statue of Bahubali. If you enlarge the leaves that wrap around the statue, you can see incredible veins on them, just like real leaves. Can such details be carved perfectly symmetrically by human hands or did unknown builders use stone carving machines? But most likely, it is generally fantastic technology to work with plastic stone masses, numerous examples of which can be seen everywhere, especially in India.
Also, it's amazing how this 17 meter tall statue didn't fall from earthquakes in a thousand years, though it just stands on a flat surface. It's amazing how one could have calculated the balance so accurately a thousand years ago.
The first image clearly shows that the rock base on the top of the hill was pre-prepared, then from the huge blocks was laid platform on which the temple was built and installed a giant statue. The question is why such a great deal of work has been done. Even if it was done by the gods, who are known to do nothing for nothing, then for what purpose.
The whole temple complex with the established statue is perfectly visible from afar and is an excellent landmark. Most likely, this was the main purpose of creating such a monumental structure. The first research in this direction showed that this place simply could not be not designated, and, undoubtedly, it is one of the most important points in the system of Ancient Monumental structures - SAMS.
Направления на Стоунхендж и Остров Пасхи The direction to Stonehenge from the Statue of Gomateshwara has an azimuth 319.99° and with an accuracy of 1 hundredth of a degree corresponds to the angle 9 of the polygon 320°, measured from the North direction.
The direction to Easter Island (EI) at this point has an azimuth of 160.00° and also corresponds to the nonagon angle, measured from the direction to the North.
Moreover, the angle between the direction of Stonehenge and the direction of the EI, is also 160° (320° - 160° = 160°). Thus, the direction to Stonehenge and the direction to the North are symmetrical with respect to the direction to Easter island.
The direction of the Great pyramid (GP) from the statue of Gomateshwara has an azimuth 299.72°, and also closes to the corner of nonagon and hexagram - 300°. But the error in this case is quite large – 0.28°. This means that the line in the azimuth of 300°, runs 20 km from the great pyramid of Giza.
направление на Великую пирамидуSince the azimuth on the VP is close to the angle of the hexagram 300°, then you can get this direction by using the hexagram by combining it with the orientation of the temple. The image on the right, hexagram rotated by 0.3° in a counterclockwise direction, and accurately coincides with the direction of the VP. At the same time, the vertical axis of the 6-gon still coincides with the orientation of the temple, which obviously corresponds to the cardinal directions.

Therefore, if the temple is precisely oriented on the axis North – South, with nonagon, just attaching it to the walls, it is possible to determine the direction of Stonehenge, and Easter Island – the two obvious interrelated object, which, together with Teotihuacan and Tiwanaku set on the planet of the symmetric network, tied to the Meridian of the GP.
If the orientation of the temple has a deviation of 0.3°, from the direction to the North, which cannot be determined without special devices, it using a hexagram gives the direction to the GP.
But there may be such an option, which is also often found on other objects, when one side of the structure is precisely oriented to the cardinal points, and the other has a small deviation. So everything will depend on accurate measurements of the orientation of the temple of Sravanabelagola.
направление на Улуру The direction to Uluru is the most important key point of the SAMS, from the statue of Gomateshwara has an azimuth of 125.96°, and with an error of 4 hundredths of a degree corresponds to the angle of the pentagram of 126°, oriented to the cardinal directions.
In the image on the left, the direction to Uluru is shown by an orange line, and the pentagram is oriented along the North-South axis.
Thus, from the orientation of the temple of Shravanabelagola, with the help of regular geometric shapes, you can get directions to the 4 most important objects SAMS – Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Great Pyramid and Uluru.
In addition, there is another interesting fact. The direction from the statue of Homateswar to Sigiriya - rock megalithic complex, which is 715.5 km, has an azimuth of 138.94°, and passes exactly through the dome of the temple Yoga Narasimha, located in 27.62 km.
Now move to the neighboring hill Chandragiri, where there are also numerous temple buildings. Among them, the temple built by Chamundaraya — General of the ruler Gangaram and disciple of the Jain ?c?ryas of Nemicandra in honor of Chandragupta.
The orientation of the Chandragupta temple and some neighboring buildings coincides with the direction of another key point of SAMS – Nan Madol, which has a value of 85.07°. In the image below, it is shown as a purple line.
направление на Нан Мадол
Thus, the temple complex of Shravanabelagola and the statue of Gomateshwarf are another obvious confirmation of the presence on the planet Earth of the system of ancient structures, which are located in strictly defined places on a single principle, based on the corners of regular geometric shapes
This is due to the fact that the angles of the correct figures set the division of the circle into an equal number of parts. Because the basis of the orientation System, which, in fact, is SAMS, are not the coordinates of objects, and the direction expressed through the mathematical relationship of the circle. The starting point of reference in this system is The great pyramid of Giza, and its Meridian is the true zero Meridian of the Earth.
пентаграмма и система пирамидSuch a system, based on mathematical relations, will be universal and understandable to all users, since the division of something whole into parts, everywhere will be a division into parts. Therefore, it does not matter how many degrees you have in a circle, what you measure, angles or distances. If you say that at a certain point the direction of one object is, for example, ¼ of the whole circle, and the other 2/5, in our case it will be 90° and 144°, and where the alpha Centauri – it may be 123.456 any "Centauri". But in real physical expression, it will be the same directions obtained by mathematical formulas, which are also universal.
Knowing the values of the directions at a particular point to other objects with a known location, using the simplest formulas, you can accurately determine your location in the reference system – planet Earth, and even – the Solar system, since many ancient objects have an astronomical reference.
Having determined its location on the ball relative to other objects, you can route and move over the planet. The problem is that the official version of history that dominates today does not involve any movements over The earth's surface in the past, ignoring the numerous evidence that has come down to us in the form of myths and real artifacts, considering them the fruit of inflamed imagination of ancient people.
But whatever historians believe, the question in any case lies in the objective plane. To move meaningfully over any large planet, a reference system is needed. Without this, you can not do at any level of technology development. It can be implemented in different ways, but the presence of the system is mandatory. In the physical world, it must be physically present, the virtual space is set by software methods, but it also has a point from which the countdown is conducted.
In our world, the count is from the intersection of the equator-the only natural line on the globe, with the Meridian of the Greenwich Observatory, which in turn is tied to the Great pyramid, thus combining the modern coordinate system with the ancient pyramid system.
изображения НЛО на каменных табличках в Мексике
Каменная табличка с изображениями НЛО и неизестных существ, найденная в Мексике . Фото Андрея Жукова.
Therefore, if in ancient times someone was flying above the Ground, without a system of orientation is simply not enough. And such a System was created on the planet in the form of monumental structures - pyramids, temples, megalithic structures, geoglyphs and other objects, the presence of which is very difficult to explain in life, but very easy to navigate.
 First, on different continents on a certain principle are placed and attached to existing natural objects key points SАMS, such as the GP, Teotiuakan, Tiuanako, Nan Madol, Stonehenge, Baalbek, Angkor, Easter Island, Uluru and many others, then, they are attached to the next level of objects, etc.
At first glance, this version looks fantastic, but in fact, it is the most optimal from all points of view. There is only one drawback - the enormous cost of creating such a reference system, but it is only a matter of technology.
Next, some advantages. The reference system, created from physical objects on The earth's surface, does not require maintenance and energy costs. Most of the monumental structures have stood the test of time and for millennia have not collapsed under the onslaught of natural elements. Yes, many of them have lost their original appearance and were even brought to the ground, many have disappeared under vegetation, but they have not ceased to designate a specific point on the surface, i.e. to be a reference point.
симметричная система пирамидThat is why it is not important that Stonehenge was restored in the last century from new parts, it is important that it remains in the same place and together with neighboring buildings still denotes a specific point on the surface of the Earth. The same applies to other restored objects.

Modern equipment allows you to read the micro relief even through a solid forest, so, by the way, unknown structures were found in Angkor and in the Amazon jungle, the cameras find one particular person in a crowd of thousands, so for the civilization that created such a system of orientation, the problem of recognizing their objects on the surface should not exist, especially since they are located on a certain system.
The presence of the system of ancient monumental structures does not mean that all ancient buildings are part of it, but it means that recently, by historical standards, on the planet Earth there was a very different world, which is best, as it turns out, describe the ancient treatises and legends.

By downloading the kmz file. for the Google Earth program, you can see all of the above regularities.


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