ЛИНИИ НАСКИ разгадка тайны геоглифов в пустыне Наска, nazca lines, рисунки, азимут, навигация, azimuth, азимут, направление, карта, навигация, ПОЛЁТНАЯ КАРТА.In this section we will try to understand an information expounded above and sum up preliminary results. But, first, a few words should be said about the actual lines and figures on Nazca and neighboring Palpa plateau. Geoglyphs cover an area of approximately 60 x 20 km, i.e. more than 100 square kilometers, which is painted with different intensity of lines and geometric figures of different shapes.

The largest cluster of geoglyphs is observed in the central part of Nazca, which is literally dotted with lines in the southern part. On the northern plateau Palpa there are less lines, apparently because of mountain range, but there are unique figures and elements there. From the west side of Nazca plateau desert comes, and many lines have already been hidden under layer of sand. There are only a few tens of drawings, which can be identified and most likely they represent species of flora and fauna, inhabiting on earth.

There are a few thousand lines, according to some data more than 12,000. All of them have different length and width. Some lines are drawn several kilometers, sometimes more than 10 and some ones have  length of 10 - 20 meters. The same situation is observed with width of lines, which modulates from half of meter to several tens of meters. In principle, the length does not depend on width, but there is a definite correlation.

Basically, lines either connect or come out of marked points centers which there are great many in desert, a perhaps, not less than lines. These points are made of stone, and are also well seen from height, as well as lines. The centers also have a certain hierarchy. Some are larger and clearly visible, others are less, but also clearly distinguishable.
Some points are located inside of trapezoid figures or on their sides, the other ones in places of convergence (crossing) of lines, or in points of their fracture. Sometimes, at first glance, straight line slightly changes its direction in a certain place, which is usually indicated by a dot. There is also a well-marked centers, which are located just in the desert and are not connected with visible lines of other elements. Everything indicates that the point - center occupies a dominant position in hierarchy of Nazca Lines. Namely them service lines and geometric figures, combining geoglyphs in a single unit.

The fact that all the lines, figures and centers constitute a single system created by certain principle, there is no doubt for many reasons. Partially we told about them in the article «GEOGLIFS OF NAZCA AS A SINGLE SYSTEM» back in 2011. Then it turned out that many of the lines and sides of figures are very precisely oriented to the centers deleted from them for several kilometers and sometimes for a few tens of kilometers. This undeniable fact clearly indicates the impossibility of creating Nazca phenomenon by natives of South America, because you cannot accurately orient the line to invisible point, the more remote on a few kilometers without geodetic instruments, coordinate system and laying traverse.

But, it is not difficult to do, putting the image on plateau, for example, with the energy beam. This version brings Alla Belokon in her works, and this is the only possible variant of their creation. And this beam had to not simply remove the top layer of stones in sides, but literally to vaporize them - to annihilate, leaving only a small number at the edges.

As you know most of lines and figures in Nazca desert are created by removing of dark upper layer, exposing the bottom lighter layer. Removing depth is small 30 - 40 cm, but taking in to account huge number and size of geoglyphs, it turns out huge amount of removed rock, which there is no on plateau. There is no it anywhere, near lines or nearby, it evaporated. This volume cannot be removed without leaving of traces in desert, where every surface damage remains forever.

If the ground remove manually, then long chains of tens thousands of people stomp all desert completely, making meaningless geoglyphs themselves. For the same reason we still will not be able to repeat this miracle on Nazca. Even if we remove the ground with helicopters, then desert will be stomp by geodesists, spacing thousands of kilometers of lines.

Now let us talk about the laws, which were found in process of study of Nazca geoglyphs. The first thing that became clear is compliance of azimuths of lines in the Nazca to real directions between the most significant ancient structures on Earth.  For the research were taken all the same key points of system and some other the most important objects of our civilization. Such points turned out 24, this is Great Pyramid (GP) in Giza, Easter Island (EI), Stonehenge, the Mexican pyramids (Teotihuacán), Tiwanaku, Mohenjo-Daro (MD), Baalbek, Nazca, Uluru, the Temple of Solomon (ST), Lhasa, Mecca, Samaipata and some others  (see. table of azimuths). It is clear this is not an exhaustive list, but this is the most important construction on the planet. Of course, there are still many historic objects, which did not become the subject of this study. For example, New-Grandzh, Sacsayhuaman, Machu Picchu, Luxor and many other ancient temples and pyramids, which, of course, also are part of system of ancient monumental constructions -  SAMC, but they will  take their place in it.

While 24 historical objects give 574 meanings of azimuths. Addition of two new objects will increase this figure by 102, 3 x155, and so on. It is clear that from such amount purely statistically, integer values of real azimuths will coincide with some azimuths of lines in Nazca desert.
Increasing accuracy up to hundredths will reduce the probability of coincidence on two orders and the presence of logical combinations the same as in reality reduces it to zero. Therefore, we can safely assume that in Palpa and Nazca deserts map of Earth's surface is applied with a certain way in which the ancient structures act as reference points. If you think about it, then this is the most logical explanation justifying the purpose meaning and efforts expended for creation of geoglyphs. Besides, navigation can be only one of functions of given system.

What Nazca geoglyphs are the map is confirmed with another fact. The analysis of location of Nazca lines, revealed combinations of real lines and centers, which correspond to real combination of azimuths in specific historical points. This is the main type of laws, which is regularly found among Nazca geoglyphs.

This is the main type of laws, which is regularly found among Nazca geoglyphs. Historic objects are located on the planet according to general principle, so that, angles between directions to definite objects in concrete point correspond to the angles of regular geometric figures hexagram, pentagram, octagon and nonagon. This principle, possibly, is fundamental and most likely we must follow in further studies.

In more details, combinations of azimuths for each historical object are described in the section «AZIMUTHS OF HISTORICAL OBJECTS», title story, explaining common moments is here and for easy moving from one object use the  table of navigation. As it already mentioned, this material necessary to learn so that to understand the logic of Nazca.

Combination of azimuths in historical points according to correct geometric angles corresponds not only lines, but also centers in the desert of Nazca, which possess a wonderful property. They are located relatively to each other so that for different cases the same centers represent different historical objects forming logical combinations, which correspond to real directions between specific historical points.

This is because the ancient constructions are drifted on surface using Nazca azimuths - directions from one object to another and some other basic principles by which SAMC is constructed, but without using of coordinate system. In more details we told about it in 4 parts.

Furthermore, the structure of geoglyphs on Nazca plateau can be multilayered, when some combinations of lines are superimposed on the other ones. In this case, the same point in different layers, can correspond to different historical objects, depending on combination. Thus, on the surface of desert are drifted on the most mysterious structures on Earth, on the origin of which we are still puzzled. 

Many centers in Nazca plateau remote from each other sometimes for tens of kilometers lie on one line. Therefore, points on this line can indicate the same object as if made in the same direction along the line from initial object. And each point on this line, indicating one object, can form different combinations with other points which correspond to certain azimuths between real historical buildings.

Geoglyphs in Nazca take into account not only the directions between historical objects, but also azimuths of lines which were obtained by geometric constructions based on the laws of the mutual location of ancient structures. This fact confirms once again validity of construction of «Triangles of Giza» and «West Triangles», properties of which must be considered in the further deciphering of geoglyphs.

We should also understand that the primary still is a unique location of historical objects, built on the general principle, in strictly defined locations on the planet. See. Article  «SYMMETRIC SYSTEM OF PYRAMIDS». These structures form an interconnected system and Nazca Lines are only reflection of this system on the plane. Therefore, all laws in location of historic objects both  global scale and individual combinations described in sections  «HISTORICAL GEODESY» and «LAWS OF SYSTEM», should be also reflected in system of Nazca lines. And they also should be considered.

As you know, Great Pyramid, the Nazca and Easter Island lie on the same line, with which is connected  many of very interesting facts. In particular, Nazca lies in the golden proportion between GP and its antipode and EI divides the distance between Nazca and the antithesis of GP in half. Read more about this in the article «THE LOCATION OF ANCIENT CONSTRUCTIONS IN THE GOLDEN SECTION». Apparently from line GP - Nazca - EI and we must proceed, because its importance is also confirmed with geoglyphs on Nazca plateau.

In the central part of plateau, there are two large geometric figures of complex shape, inside of which there are clearly defined points. The sides of these figures correspond to directions between the most significant structures, erected in the past. In one figure two sides, with high accuracy correspond to azimuth of line EI - Nazca - GP and to the direction from Nazca to EI and GP. Line 01 connecting points in the next figures, corresponds to the line of GP - Nazca - EI. Thus, in these figures, all values of azimuths ??are reflected, in three points of given line. See. The image below.

ЛИНИИ НАСКИ разгадка тайны геоглифов в пустыне Наска, nazca lines, рисунки, азимут, навигация, azimuth, азимут, направление, карта, навигация, ПОЛЁТНАЯ КАРТА.

From the tables on the image you can see sides of figures correspond not only to azimuths of line GP - Nazca - EI, but also to other directions between the key objects of system. This is another peculiarity of location of ancient structures on  Earth, when the direction between the pair of objects correspond to the direction between the other pairs. See. Article  «AZIMUTHS OF HISTORICAL OBJECTS AND DISTANCES BETWEEN THEM». This fact complicates identification of points in Nazca, but can also approach to understanding of logic of objects location.

For all SAMC, and for system of lines in Nazca should be a general principle of constructions, one algorithm owing to which information is encoded and read. Most likely, this principle is connected with correct geometric figures, as in location of lines, there is a clear link with their angles and proportions.

As mentioned in Part 1, Nazca Lines resemble a giant bar code in which with using relations of geometric figures, is coded navigation and other necessary information. In the modern bar-code, in contrast to stroke code, information is recorded right away in two dimensions. If in bar code thickness of vertical strips and distance between them are read, in 2D code information is recorded both horizontally and vertically. Thus, two-dimensional bar codes allow to store much more information than usual for us bar-code. Besides, when information is encoded in the matrix code, information is added to it for restoration that allows to read the encrypted information in code even at partial damage the bar-code.

Most likely the same happens in  Nazca desert, lines which are partially or completely destroyed with  water currents do not interfere fully read all  information. Furthermore, geogliphs of Nazca can be not 2D code, and 3D or a multi-dimensional code. Then amount of information contained in it is even difficult to imagine. In favor of multidimensionality say some drawings on plateau, which are three-dimensional images moved to plane.

Most likely, crop circles are also a kind of bar-codes in which with help of geometric language necessary information is encrypted.

In this study, as you can see, almost nothing was said about the distances, although they apparently also have to play an important role in geogliphs of Nazca. And  there are  some reasons. About some laws connected with distances, we said at the beginning of part 1 and in the article «NAZCA LINES AS A SINGLE SYSTEM». But, so that to try to identify distance in Nazca, i.e. to  determine the scope, it is not enough information.

Firstly, there is no clear understanding when a particular point corresponds to that or another object. Secondly, the distance can be defined with various ways, not to mention the measurement systems.

If the division of the circle into 360 degrees is the same for all, and this fact for some reason does not raise questions, but from where this number appeared no one knows, then with distances is not so simple.

The number 360 is divisible by all numbers from 1 to 10, except 7, and is associated with 60 the decimal system of calculation. Indeed, 360 - is 6 by 6 tens i.e. - hexagram. All correct figures divide the entire circumference on a certain number of equal parts. The distance can be set differently. You can take, for example, stick of certain length or stride length and say that this is measure. Remember the classics - "if A is in parrots, then I'm much longer." Further 1000 measures is a mile or verst, etc.

But, the distance you can set proportionally, having taken for unit part from something whole. We, in general, did so. Today meter, for example, is length of the path passing by light in vacuum for (1/299 792 458) seconds nautical mile - 1/60 ° of meridian = 1852 m. Therefore, in Nazca distance is also most likely set proportionally as part of something. But, from what it is not entirely clear.

The distance along the arc of Earth's surface, you can also express in degrees. To do this, you have to divide the distance between objects on 111.29 (the number of kilometers in 1 °). On plane to display degrees even easier. For example, one line can set direction to the object and the other one indicate distance to it in angular terms measured from the north direction or from any other part of the world, which have values ??of 90 °, 180 ° and 270 °.

The distance between the points can be taken not along the surface, but "along straight line" through the thickness of globe. Also, there is projection of line (distance) on plane of equator. Thus, the same distance between objects you can express in different ways. How it was used by the creators of geoglyphs is not clear.

At first glance, all this can seem rather complicated, but actually deciphering of lines in Nazca desert should be no more difficult than reading a bar-code with the phone. Just now, when it is clear only that SAMC exist, and that by means of points, figures and lines  it set on Nazca plateau, complete transcript of geoglyphs cause some difficulties.
In the first place have to do a huge amount of work on measuring and systematization of lines in Nazca desert. To make it possible only by joint efforts, after having developed the methodology. Therefore, we invite everyone to take part in a new genre – « discovery on-line», where everyone can contribute to solution of mystery of Nazca lines.

In the previous chapters, it was shown how from real lines, logically correct develop combinations connected with directions between concrete historical objects. The most famous and important constructions act as supporting points, and the directions between them - a function of supporting lines to which are attached all others. As the number of points of figures and lines on Nazca yet of course, and Earth is a sphere, on idea gradually the system has to lock on itself. The consequence of this could be the opportunity to build from one or more known lines the rest system.

All above mentioned facts, connected with geoglyphs on Nazca plateau, you can examine and test yourself. To do this, you need to  download file kmz, in which are reflected all the constructions and to open it in Google Earth (GE). Having downloaded the file, you get it off form and at first do not see anything. In the left sidebar, you have to expand the file and turn on (check) the desired folder. If you turn on the entire file at once, you will get gibberish of lines and overlays.

For convenience of working with azimuths of lines in Nazca desert, on site was created by a special tool  - Search of azimuths.

How to use this tool.

To find the correct azimuth it is necessary to fill one of the fields. For the following search do not forget to clean the field from the previous values by pressing button «CLEAR».

If in drop-down list of first window select the initial object and click "Search", you will get all meanings of azimuths from selected object to other historical points and distances to them.

If in drop-down list of second window select end object and click the button "Search", you will get all meanings of azimuths to  selected object from other historic points. The third field is basis for work with lines and centers in Nazca. The order is like this: using GE programs you measure on plateau azimuth of lines or direction between the points. 

Then the integer value in the 3 window and press "search". As a result you will get all azimuths of lines close to the entered value. The first number in azimuth is right direction from initial object, to final / the second number is direction from initial object to antipode of end object. That is - a direct azimuth +/- 180 °. Then, orient by one hundredth, you can determine azimuth of the most relevant to line in Nazca.

In the image above in the third field is put meaning of azimuth 308, the search determined that to this value correspond  3 lines - Nan Madol (NM) - GP, NM - Chinese Pyramid (CP) and the direction from Ushtogaysky square to St. Petersburg, which is the intersection of meridian GP with  60th latitude. The presence in this list the same object in several lines means that these objects lie on the same line. For example, in this case, practically on the same line lie Nan Madol, GP and Chinese pyramids.

The fourth window is intend for finding by distances, expressed in degrees. This tool allows you to find the same distance between historical objects. If you want to find distances between objects from search results, it is necessary in the fourth column to copy integer meaning and paste it in 4th field. For example, to find out what distances are close to distance between HM and GP, it is necessary in 4th search field to put number 117.

The distance between any two points on planet, can also be measured in the program GE with help of "line." To transfer it in degrees, it is necessary obtained distance in kilometers, divided into 111.28 - the number of kilometers in one degree. An integer number from resulting value ??you enter into 4th field, click "Search," and get all the distances between objects, which are close to the original.

While in search participate only  key objects listed in drop-down list of search. Gradually, this list will expand due to new objects, which will undoubtedly reflect on quality of research.

Now a few words we have to say about work with lines in the program GE. As it is known in GE, from time to time satellite images are replaced by newer ones.
This is done ostensibly in order to monitor changes taking place on the ground. In some cases, it can be useful, but often "fresh" pictures are much lower quality than the previous ones. With Nazca plateau there is the same situation. All measurements of lines and imposition of figures were produced on the map with the date 5.29.2013 – these are the best in quality satellite images.

So that to get on this map on the top panel of GE you need to press button with clock (alarm clock), and cause slider to move through dates. Pressing the left button, go to date - 5.29.2013 and leave everything as it is. See image on the left.

Now you can work with the Nazca lines. For example, if you want to find out which centers lie along direction to particular line, it is necessary to call on upper panel tool "line" and measure azimuth of  line. Then, reducing scale you need to extend original line further along azimuth. Then, having increased scale, following along the line, you have to look what points it crosses.

This process can be much faster and easier. To do this in the «archive files» you have to download «LINE AND DRAWINGS ON NAZCA AND PALPA», which shows the location of the most geoglyphs in Nazca desert. Paving along azimuth continuation of line or direction between points you can turn on this file on the left sidebar and instantly see, through which center line passes.

Due to the fact, that geoglyphs on Nazca were drawn in 2010 and in GE pictures changed more than once for 5 years, the lines in file, do not coincide with lines on map. The shift is not a large order of 10 - 15 meters which visually reflects the error of imposing and binding of satellite images. This shift does not interfere at all to preliminary assessment of intersection through which passes learning line. Having found that such crossings exist you increase scale, to determine whether they are accurate, binding already to real lines.

Since centers and figures in the Nazca desert there are many, and lines even more, very soon it became clear to continue decryption of geoglyphs and not get bogged down in numerous data it is necessary to develop a methodology of their classification, which can be different.

In the first place, of course, we have to continue measuring of azimuths and drawing real figures  and lines on Nazca plateau, at least  the largest and most clearly visible.

You should also note and sign centers in Nazca, distributing them by combinations, to which they correspond. In one word lie ahead large, but very interesting work on  further deciphering of Nazca lines. We can say that now we do not even hold for thread, but for a strong rope, pulling for which together we can try to unravel the whole ball. If this happens, the map of Captain Flint, will seem child's coloring compared with a map in Nazca desert.

For better understanding of the material it is recommended to see the next film  – «Загадки истории. Инопланетяне и тайный код». If you remove from it  arguments about the power lines and the crystal structure of Earth, and leave only the concept of navigation, you will get quite adequate picture. Another educational film – «Инопланетяне и священные места», tells the story of sacred places of the main religions, which are also key points of SAMC.

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