In order to get closer to unraveling some of the many mysteries of the city on the Neva need to start with the location of St. Petersburg on the planet, and consider it a direct connection to the most important historical buildings and geodetic parameters of the Earth.

нулевой меридианIn the article «Code of Peter the Great» was said that Saint-Petersburg (SPb) is located on the ancient - true zero Meridian of the Earth, i.e. on the Meridian of the Great Pyramid (GP). But not just on the Meridian, and in the place of its intersection with the 60th latitude.

Actually everything that is mentioned below fair for the point of intersection of the Meridian of the GP with the 60th latitude. But because the center of St. Petersburg is located forty kilometers to the West of this point, all the information below will be true also for the city.

So, the location of the city on the Meridian of the GP and the 60th latitude is the most important factor that partially explains mystical connection SPb with Egypt. Since GP is on the 30th latitude, and St. Petersburg at the 60th city divides the distance from the EAP to the North pole (NP) in half.

When studying the distances between the famous historical objects found amazing fact linking St. Petersburg with the center of one of the most ancient civilization in South America - complex Tiwanaku. It turned out that the temple in Tiwanaku with very high accuracy is equidistant from the EP and the North pole.

система пирамидThis results in an isosceles triangle with the apex in Tiwanaku and the base of the GP - NP. In this triangle, one of the sides and the base - is the meridians of Tiwanaku and the GP.

Line of interesting properties, but we'll talk about them later. Now we are interested in the height of the triangle, his middle line Tiwanaku - GP, namely the second side of the triangle NP - TIWANAKU - GP also has a very, which runs through St. Petersburg.

It is surprising, that a complex of Tiwanaku is located exactly, that the height of the triangle is tangent to the 60th latitude of the point of its intersection with the meridian of the GP. This means that in this point, i.e. in St. Petersburg, Great Circle (orthodromy) Tiwanaku - St. Petersburg reaches its maximum latitude - 60 degrees. Therefore, the meridian of the GP is the axis of symmetry for this line. The Great circle at this point becomes perpendicular to the meridian of the GP.

In other words, in St. Petersburg, azimuth 270 degrees, i.e., the exact direction to the West, there is a direction to Tiwanaku.

Line of Tiwanaku - SPb has a number of interesting properties that tie these two objects with the geographical latitudes of the Earth and other key points of the System ancient monumental structures (SAMS).

Taking Meridian GP as a zero Meridian, you can build from it meridional network, for example with a step of 5 degrees. For the convenience of the meridians will count down to the East of the Meridian of the GP with values from 0 to 180 degrees. This immediately organizes the main objects of the System and will make some sense of their location. More about Meridian system, see the article « SAMS. The Geodesy of meridians».

Here it is necessary to digress and to clarify that, in any frame of reference, the latitudes will always stay latitudes and keep its value in degrees. Meridians same - conditional system, in which the starting point is assigned arbitrarily. Therefore, when in 1884 on International Meridian conference in Washington was determined the point, through which will be held the Prime Meridian, along with Greenwich, on this right was claimed by the Paris and... The Great pyramid of Giza. If then the zero Meridian passed through the EAP, everything changed. But apparently, that's why and not conducted.

ЗАГАДКИ САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГА. РАСПОЛОЖЕНИЕ ГОРОДА.Putting aside from the Great Pyramid meridians through 5 degrees, we will see that the line of Tiwanaku - SPb crosses the 45th latitude on 55-m and 125-m Meridian. This means that if you delay on the equator from the GP 55* to the East and 55* to the West and to build in these points meridians, they cross the line of Tiwanaku - SPb on 45 latitude, proving once again the symmetry of the line relative to the zero Meridian of the GP.

Now draw a lines through the intersection, you can get another network, which can be developed endlessly. But all the lines and points will be built from the original line of TIWANAKU - SPb. The properties of this network is called Network GP, need to be studied more carefully, but you can see something now. For example, the relation of another centre of the ancient Slavic civilization, Kiev, which is also located on the Meridian of the GP, with Saint Petersburg, the great pyramid, and with Tiwanaku.


In addition, the line Tiwanaku - St. Petersburg passes through the intersection:

1. Latitude of Stonehenge with the 135th Meridian (the error 40 km).
2. Latitude 45* with the 125th Meridian.
3. The perpendicular to the Meridian Vera Island with 40 latitude (error 17 km).
4. Latitude GP with 70th and 110th meridians (error 25 km).
5. The tropics with 105th Meridian and line ULURU - Great Zimbabwe.
6. Meridian ULURU and anti latitude of Tiwanaku.
7. The equator with a perpendicular to the Meridian of the GP (GP+90*).
8. Latitude and the Meridian of Tiwanaku.
9. Meridian Angkor with latitude of Easter island, on which, incidentally, is oriented Tsarskoye Selo.

And also,

- Line Stonehenge - PERM with the 105th Meridian.
- With a line of Easter island - Teotihuacan in point Perm ' Anomalous Zone (PAZ).

A total of more than 10 intersections. Not too much there for randomness

All of these patterns more clearly it can be seen on the interactive map at the end of this page.

Intersection with Meridian Uluru should be considered in more detail.

система пирамидIn the article «Geodesy meridians» was shown that the meridians of Tiwanaku and Uluru are symmetrical with respect to the perpendicular to the Meridian of the GP (GP+90*) and are separated from it by 10 degrees.

Thanks to this circumstance, the latitudes of the key points is intersecting with the meridians of Tiwanaku and Uluru, given the narrowing of the Earth to the poles, form symmetric rectangles, diagonal, which, in turn, form various symmetric networks with specific properties.

Line of Tiwanaku - SPB, crossing the Meridian GP+90* at the equator, passing through the Tiwanaku (i.e. through their latitude and the Meridian), as well as crossing the Meridian Uluru on anti latitude of Tiwanaku, specifies one of such networks - Network №3 (see article SAMS). In this network all diagonals are Great circles, inscribed in the 60th latitude, including the line of Tiwanaku - SPB.


ориентация СПбFinally, apparently to exclude errors, the city itself has precise orientation on the Great pyramid, the distance to which of the Alexander column is 3330 km, or equal to 30 degrees.

If you continue diagonal line markings on the Palace square, the envelope of the Alexander column, it will go into Moscow prospect, and then in the Pulkovskoe highway - this is the direction of the Great pyramid.

 So, quite unexpected way manifested communication of St. Petersburg with the most significant buildings of the antiquity and geographical features of the Earth.

This relationship is partly explains the Egyptian mysticism of St. Petersburg, Peter desire to found or is likely to revive the city and it was in this difficult from a practical point of view, place, and many others not related at first glance facts.

Author:  GeoLines